Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Things and Stuff...

Aside from newspaper boxes are literally melting into the sidewalk, hair perpetually melting into my forehead, and maybelle being rushed to animal emergency with a kitty heatstroke along with half the cat population of los angeles, the hottest weekend ever recorded in all of history had a few teeny bits of magic...

♥ a wild goose chase for brachs candy pebbles ♥

♥ working on a portrait of BECI for THIS SHOW

♥ os mutantes, gourmet hamburgers, egg creams, and sugary sweet cocktails in haunted schoolhouses ♥

♥ probably the worst idea ever, but i finally caved in, joined the latest wave of myspace holdouts and set up a little art profile HERE

♥ stumbling upon a dusty storefront full of vintage office supplies, gold leaf tipped diaries and ancient animation paints in my dream colors ♥

TAMERA selling some of the cutest stuff ever on ebay HERE to embark on the perfect dream life of a handbuilt fairytale cabin in the woods ♥

♥ having a week long SECRET SUMMER SALE and then shutting the shop down for a bit, most items 50% off or more, when they're gone, they're gone ♥


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